Week 12: Bills Lose In Jacksonville 36-14
Losman's Bills future in serious trouble after playoff hopes dashed.
by Steve Saslow
Week 12
Bills  14
Jaguars  36
Gameday Grades

If this was J.P. Losman's last stand it was a pathetic one. When we look back at his Bills career we will look at the 4th quarter interception as the unofficial end of it. Losman threw two picks in all and had a devastating fumble that caused the Bills bend but don't break defense to finally break in the 36-14 loss to the Jaguars. The 2nd straight loss effectively dashes the Bills playoff hopes.

It was said that Losman was on a short leash but he wasn't. He struggled all day but Dick Jauron stuck with him through the usual ups and downs for the inconsistent passer. He threw an interception early in the 2nd quarter in Buffalo territory to setup a field goal that gave the Jaguars a 13-0. The Bills took back the momentum on a nice scoring drive as Losman was 6 for 7 on the drive and hit Anthony Thomas for a touchdown to make it 13-7.

The defense made a big defensive stop on the next possession as Aaron Schobel stuffed Maurice Jones-Drew for a six yard loss on 4th and 1. The Bills could have driven for a go ahead touchdown instead Losman would turn it over on a fumbled QB sneak where he was stretching for a first down. Instead of a Bills lead they trailed by 9 and when the Jaguars drove for another field goal to start the 2nd half, the Bills were in a 19-7 hole.

They did drive down to a score to get within five on a Roscoe Parrish 24 yard touchdown run on a reverse. Thomas carried a heavy load in the drive and in the game. The Bills had two chances to tie the game down by eight. Losman would throw the biggest interception of his career into double coverage but the Bills defense would force a three and out giving Losman one more chance. He failed again as he threw three straight incompletions forcing a punt.

The Jags would score two late touchdowns to make the final score like the way the game was played, a game dominated by the Jaguars. The defense played as inconsistent as Losman did. At times they kept the running game at bay with big losses giving Jones Drew fits. On other plays they were giving up a 50 yard touchdown run by Fred Taylor and a 59 yard touchdown catch by Reggie Williams. Drew was in the negative yardage all game until his 17 yard exclamation point touchdown. Between those touchdowns they would make good plays followed by allowing big third down conversions. The 56% conversion rate on third downs led to five field goals to go along with the three big touchdowns.

Where do the Bills go now? They need to regroup and play out the season to build for next year and that will be with Trent Edwards at quarterback. The coach won't make it official yet but you can bet the Edwards era has begun and the Losman era is over.

Here are our exclusive gameballs and goats from the Bills game against the Jaguars:

  • Fred Jackson - sparked the two touchdown drives with 65 total yards.
  • Anthony Thomas - was a workhorse with 91 total yards and a career high eight receptions and a touchdown.

  • Goats
  • J.P. Losman - You can't have three turnovers, his Bills career is done.
  • Lee Evans - Where was he? No catches until the final garbage time drive.
  • Bobby April - His unit got caught with 12 men on the field, had to call a timeout with 10 men on the field and had a costly offsides penalty.
  • Dick Jauron - Didn't have the team ready to play.

  • Player Of The Week
  • Fred Jackson - He was the spark of the offense.

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