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2001 Bills Daily Gameday Goats

Each week during the 2001 football season Bills Daily gave players goats for poor play in all wins and losses. The biggest loser for the year was the head coach who got the goat in half of hte team's games, he was followed closely by the highest paid Bill. He are the final number of goats given to each player:

Player Goats
Gregg Williams 8
Eric Moulds 6
Rob Johnson 4
Travis Henry 4
Peerless Price 4
Jake Arians 4
Brian Moorman 4
Travis Henry 4
Ken Irvin 3
Alex Van Pelt 2
Larry Centers 2
Defensive Backs 2
Antoine Winfield 1
Keion Carpenter 1
Marques Sullivan 1
Erik Flowers 1
Nate Clements 1
Pat Williams 1
Brandon Spoon 1
Raion Hill 1
Jay Riemersma 1
Mo Unotoa 1
Shawn Bryson 1
Travis Brown 1
Lance Brown 1
Total Defense 1
Offensive Line 1

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