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2001 Bills Daily Gameballs

Each week during the 2001 football season Bills Daily awarded gameballs to players that deserved them. Two top rookies and the Bills lone free agent signee tops the list while former Bill Jim Kelly gets one from his number retirement ceremony. Here are the final number of gameballs won by each player:

Player Awards
Travis Henry 5
Nate Clements 5
Larry Centers 5
Pat Williams 4
Eric Moulds 4
Alex Van Pelt 4
Brandon Spoon 3
Jake Arians 3
Peerless Price 3
Jay Foreman 3
Kenyatta Wright 2
Rob Johnson 2
Bryce Fisher 2
Antoine Winfield 2
Aaron Schobel 2
Jay Riemersma 2
Shayne Graham 2
Shawn Bryson 2
Preston Prioleau 2
Ken Irvin 1
Kendrick Office 1
Tyrone Robertson 1
Phil Hansen 1
Brian Moorman 1
Gregg Williams 1
Offensive Line 1
Jim Kelly 1

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