Week 4: Bills Lose Third Straight 19-7
Team falling apart at the seams.
by Steve Saslow
Week 4
Bills   7
Saints  19
Gameday Grades

Another week, another same result. The offense struggled doing anything after an opening scoring drive for the third time in four weeks. The defense wore down and were outplayed physically, especially on third downs. The game played out like the previous two had, and ended with another loss as the season is dangerously close to falling apart at the seams.

The offense took an opening drive 75 yards, and like two of the first three games, ended in a score. Unlike those games, this one ended in a touchdown. Willis McGahee gave the Bills a 7-0 lead with a one yard plunge. That was the last of the good news for the Bills.

Offensively, they couldn't do a thing after that drive. Kelly Holcomb replaced an ineffective J.P. Losman in the fourth quarter and didn't do any better. The offense is an utter disaster right now. McGahee finished with 84 yards on only 16 carries as he was feast or famine for the team. Rumbling off a 27 yard run and getting stuffed on a fourth and inches play for a loss.

Defensively, they played better but couldn't make the big stop when they needed. They allowed the Saints to convert 7 of 15 third downs on their way to five scoring drives, four field goals and a touchdown. They also wore down in the end, and didn't help their run defense ranking too much, when Deuce McAllister finished with 130 of the Saints 167 rushing yards.

The Bills best chance after the opening drive was an 82 yard kickoff return by Terrence McGee. Unfortunately, it was the last play of the first half and fell four yards short of the score. It may be a good thing that the clock ran out on the half. The offense probably would have found a way to not score.

The fact is, it doesn't matter if the defense played better or not. The offense is abysmal and the team is in chaos. They are reeling without Takeo Spikes and have no confidence now in the young quarterback. The Bickering Bills are on the horizon if it doesn't turn around fast. Coach Mularkey knew the team needed a good start, they didn't get it, now they are in trouble. Asking them to bounce back like last year may not be possible behind a young, and struggling, quarterback.

Here are our exclusive gameballs and goats from the Bills game against the Saints:

  • Terrence McGee - Averaged nearly 40 yards on kickoff returns .

  • Goats
  • J.P. Losman - Was awful again hitting only 7 of 15 passes for 75 yards before being replaced by Kelly Holcomb.
  • Eric Moulds - Only caught one pass and had his hands on two others that he should have brought down.
  • Offensive Line - They gave the QB know time to throw throughout the game.
  • Entire Defense - They struggled stopping the Saints on third downs as they converted 50% of their passes. They just wore down at the end of the game for a third straight week.

  • Player Of The Week
  • Terrence McGee - A hallow honor.

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