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Shout Song Was Almost History
Bledsoe deal allows us to look back at another issue from 1993.
by Bob Lamb
Bills Daily Correspondent
Apr. 28, 2002

The recent arrival of Drew Bledsoe in Buffalo to wear the red, white and blue led to many mentions of how #11 started his pro career in Buffalo. The #1 draft choice remembers his opening day jitters, calming words from Jim Kelly and being knocked around furiously by the vaunted Bills' "D" Drew threw his first career TD pass that day with 3:03 left in the second quarter on a 54-yard catch and run by Ben Coates. The Patriots went into the half-time locker room facing a 17-7 deficit.

What happened outside at halftime may have very well impressed the rookie QB - who might have thought he was still back on campus at a pep rally.

During the 1993 off-season, the Buffalo Bills decided not to pay the rights fees for the popular "Shout" song originally done by the Isley Brothers. The Bills contract for the song variation had expired and the Polaroid Corp (remember them?) that had recently acquired the rights and wanted extra bucks.

Ernie Maresca who wrote "Runaround Sue" and "The Wanderer" for Dion authored a new version of "Shout! - Shout! (Knock Yourself Out) which went to #6 on the Billboards chart in 1962. The new song was recorded and presented to the public and was be met by attitudes from "OK" to disgust. A hue and cry rang out across the land. Petitions were signed, phone calls made and the radio waves burned so much, seagulls were cooked in mid-flight. "Little" Tommy Shue (PR Director at WHTT - Oldies 104) said, "This is like messing with religion."

The debate and fallout continued all summer but finally someone relented and a "new" deal was consummated between all interested parties. Then, at halftime on September 5th, the new "old" "Shout" song was heard again emanating from the scoreboard before being drowned out by the 79,751 paying customers that day. All was right with the Bills world again.

So Drew had better get used to that song at least 10 times this year - not counting the home playoff games.

For the record - the unused lyrics:

Shout! BILLS! Shout!


Shout! Shout! Knock Yourself Out
Ya gotta scream! Scream! For our Buffalo team
Come On Yell ! Yell ! Loud n' Swell
The Bills are on the move in the NFL

Verse 1:

The Bills make it happen, hey everyone;
Everybody Yell, "We're havin' fun!"
Put your hands together, stomp 'n' shout
Bills are number one, there ain't no doubt.


Verse 2:

We're turnin' it up might loud
We're the Buffalo Bills cheerin' crowd
Movin' 'n' groovin', my oh my
Put your hands and head high into the sky


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