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Season Ends On High Note - Bills show pride and character in rout. - (12/24/00)
Offense Thrives In Rout - Offense has near record performance in win. - (12/24/00)
Shootout In Seattle - Bills Thunder reports on the rout. - (12/24/00)
Bills vs. Seahawks Preview Despite the distractions, the Bills need to finish up strong. - (12/20/00)
Butler Firing May Create More Chaos - Front office upheaval may hinder off season moves. - (12/19/00)
John Butler Gets The Boot - Bills Thunder reports on the messy front office situation. - (12/19/00)
Bills Lose Ugly in OT - The weather was ugly the play was just as bad. - (12/17/00)
Weather hampered some units - Success was limited by bad weather. -  (12/17/00)
Bills Lose Snow Ball - Bills Thunder breaks down the messy loss. - (12/17/00)
Bills vs. Pats Preview - The Bills and Patriots get set to play out the string. - (12/13/00)
Bills Eulogy - Bills Thunder gives their take on the latest rout. - (12/13/00)
Colts Crush Bills 44-20 - Big plays ends Bills postseason hopes. - (12/12/00)
Defense Gives Spirited Effort - Overwhelmed Defense good effort wasted by struggling Offense. - (12/12/00)
Bills vs. Colts Preview - The Bills and Colts are in the same predicament as they get set to battle. - (12/6/00)
Miami Dominates Bills 33-6 - Miami controls game and embarrasses Bills. - (12/3/00)
Bills Suffer Complete Breakdown - Running game only unit to play well. - (12/3/00)
Squished! - Bills Thunder gives their take on the rout. - (12/3/00)
Bills vs. Dolphins Preview - The Bills have their backs against the wall this week. - (11/29/00)
Injuries May End Season - Rash of injuries may cost Bills playoff shot. - (11/27/00)
Injuries Prove Costly In Loss 31-17 - Bills lose three defensive starters in loss. - (11/26/00)
Miscues, Breakdowns Kill Bills - Special teams play awful all around in loss. - (11/26/00)
Bills vs. Buccaneers Preview - The Bucs desperately need a win at home against the Bills. - (11/22/00)
Bills Get Huge Win 21-17 - Johnson's spectacular run wins tough road game. - (11/19/00)
Bills Play Well Enough To Win - All units make mistakes but do enough to win game. - (11/19/00)
Bills One-Two Punch Knocks Out Chiefs - Bills Thunder looks at the big victory in KC. - (11/19/00)
Bills vs. Chiefs Preview - The Bills must overcome injuries and the homefield advantage in KC. - (11/15/00)
Bills Beat Bears 20-3 - Defense dominates game against overly matched Bears. - (11/12/00)
Defense Domination Leads To Victory - Defense wins game while Offense sputters. - (11/12/00)
Bizarre Play Helps Bills Tame Bears - Bills Thunder looks at the win and the QB situation. - (11/12/00)
Bills vs. Bears Preview - The Bills must get rid of all their distractions for Bears game. - (11/8/00)
Bills Pull It Out in OT - Christie Is The Hero Again, our complete analysis. - (11/5/00)
Defense and Christie Lifts Bills To Win - Defense keeps Bills in game for Christie's heroics. - (11/5/00)
Christie's Heroics Beat Pats in OT - Bills Thunder looks at another dramatic victory. - (11/5/00)
Mid Season Review - We take a look at what we have learned about the Bills so far this season. - (11/2/00)
Bills vs. Patriots Preview - Big game in place that is tough to win. - (11/1/00)
QB Debate Rages On - Bills Thunder looks at who should be the QB. - (10/31/00)
Late FG Beats Jets - Flutie leads Bills to game winning score. - (10/29/00)
Turnovers Help Bills In Win - Defense has up and down day in victory. - (10/29/00)
Bills Convert Turnovers To Victory - Bills Thunder reports on the thrilling win. - (10/29/00)
Bills vs. Jets Preview - Jets need to guard against letdown against Bills. - (10/25/00)
Vikes Prove Too Much For Bills - Great game by Flutie wasted in the end. - (10/22/00)
Defense Lets Down In Loss - Poor effort wastes great game by offense. - (10/22/00)
No Hail Mary In Loss - Buffalo Bills Insider takes a look at the loss. - (10/22/00)
Vikings March Back To Remain Unbeaten - Bills Thunder reports on the loss. - (10/22/00)
From A Distance - Buffalo Bills Insider takes a look at this week's game. - (10/20/00)
Is This A Different Flutie? - The Buffalo Range looks at the QB situation. - (10/20/00)
Bills vs. Vikings Preview - Bills will need super performance to beat Vikings. - (10/18/00)
Bills Win Dramatically In OT - QB Club in happy mood after victory. (10/17/00)
Flutie Looks To Recapture Magic - Similar Situation to 98. (10/17/00)
Bills Win Ugly In OT - Johnson hurt in victory. (10/16/00)
Most units struggle in win - Secondary and Offensive line weak in victory. (10/16/00)
Christie Kicks Bills To Win - Bills Thunder analyzes the ugly win against the Chargers. (10/16/00)
Bills vs. Chargers Preview - Bills can't look past Chargers. - (10/11/00)
Dolphins Beat Bills 22-13 - Late turnover thwarts comeback. - (10/8/00)
Dolphins Dominate All Units - Despite comeback attempt all units struggled. - (10/8/00)
Bills Gift-Wrap Game And Give It To Dolphins - Bills Thunder analyzes the loss to the Dolphins. -(10/8/00)
Bills vs. Dolphins Preview - An early must win game for the Bills. - (10/4/00)
Monday QB Club Celebrates 40th Anniversary - Wally Bissett reports from the QB club meeting. - (10/2/00)
Last Second Field Goal Beats Bills - Red zone failures cost Bills in 18-16 loss. - (10/1/00)
Missed Opportunities Hurt Bills In Loss - Running game appears in loss. - (10/1/00)
Manning Directs Colts To Last Second Victory - Bills Thunder analyzes the loss to the Colts. - (10/1/00)
Bills vs. Colts Preview - A big game kick starts the Bills back in action - (9/26/00)
Mistakes Hurt Bills 27-14 - Special teams, penalties, turnovers cost the Bills the game - (9/17/00)
Special Teams fail in loss - Running game continues to struggle also, here are our grades - (9/17/00)
Bills Shoot Themselves Down In Debacle - Bills Thunder look at the win - (9/17/00)
Bills vs. Jets Preview - a look at the battle for first place - (9/13/00)
QB Club Honors '65 Team - our new feature column covering the QB club with Wally Bissett - (9/11/00)
Bills Win 27-18 - our analysis of the second straight win - (9/10/00)
Passing Game Grades Out Well - another great showing by the defense also shows in grades - (9/10/00)
Johnson Toughs It Out Again - Bills Thunder look at the win - (9/10/00)
Bills vs. Packers Preview - a look ahead to the battle against the Packers- (9/6/00)
Playoff Atmosphere At Ralph - a look at the fan frenzy from inside the Ralph - (9/5/00)
Bills Get Revenge 16-13 - our analysis of the exciting game - (9/4/00)
Defense Grades Out Well - dominating performance by defense shows in grades - (9/4/00)
Bills Get Miracle Victory - Bills Thunder look at the win - (9/4/00)
Bills vs. Titans Preview - a look at the season opener - (8/28/00)

Rams Review - a review of the blooper filled game by Bills Thunder - (8/20/00)
Van Pelt To Return? - An article by Bills Thunder webmaster - (7/29/00)
Flutie Injury Hurts QB Depth - How badly is the club's depth effected by Flutie's injured groin? - (7/28/00)
Camp Preview: Special Teams - A look at what to watch for from this unit during training camp. - (7/20/00)
Camp Preview: Offense - A look at what to watch for from the offense during training camp. - (7/19/00)
Camp Preview: Defense - A look at what to watch for from the defense during training camp. - (7/18/00)

June Mini-Camp Analysis - A complete analysis by position of June's two week mini camp. - (6/16/00)
Third Wide Receiver Battle - Three rookies and a practice squad player vye for coveted role. - (5/30/00)
Outside Linebacker Battle - Two young talented and raw players look for the starting nod. - (5/25/00)
Running Back Battle - There are many young talented players looking for the ball. - (5/17/00)
Free Safety Battle - There are three young players battling for a very important starting job. - (5/11/00)
Wiley Interview - Marcellus Wiley meets with So. Cal. Bills Backers. - 4/18/00
Bills Draft Analysis - Our complete analysis of the Bills draft. - 4/17/00
Bills Draft Preview - A peek at who the Bills may draft and what areas they need help in. - 4/12/00
2000 Season Big Test for Phillips - Coach Phillips more important than ever. - 2/16/00
End of an Era - Is the future still bright? - 2/13/00
Quotes From Black Thursday - Reaction from the former players and management. - 2/11/00

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