Bills Daily 2008 Mock Draft

For the ninth year in a row, Bills Daily tries to predict who the Bills will draft. Obviously these are just our best guesses along with some wishful thinking and we give you alternate picks if they players we want are gone already. If you want to do more research check our draft links.

We are predicting a trade down in the first round with Dallas from the 11th to 22nd spot. The Bills would pick up another 2nd round pick in this deal and a third round next year. The team has 10 picks as things stand now and need starters at wide receiver and possibly cornerback. Tight end is also a need position.

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(Last Updated on April 21, 2008)

1-22 ( #22 overall)   WR Malcolm Kelly - Oklahoma A top wide receiver is better value at this position after a trade with Dallas. Other possible wide receivers in this spot include James Hardy of Indiana, Limas Sweed of Texas, and Devin Thomas of Michigan St.
2-10 ( #41 overall)    DT Trevor Laws - Notre Dame A prototypical cover two cornerback is a good pick at this point but the Bills are known for some curve balls and they may be happy with Will James as a possible starter.
2-30* (#61 overall)    WR Jordy Neson - Kansas State The Bills could use two wide receivers and Neson would be a steal here. If they don't go for a wideout here a cornerback is the right call.
3-9 (#72 overall)    TE John Carlson - Notre Dame A big time tight end is needed and Carlson would represent great value at this spot. Other possibilities at this position include Tennessee's Brad Cottam and California's Craig Stevens.
4-15 (#114 overall)    FB Owen Schmitt - West Virginia The Bills want to use a fullback this year and Schmitt is one of the best in the class. He probably will go around this spot. Another fullback possible is Jed Collins of Washington State in later rounds. They may go for a defensive end in this spot like Michigan's Shawn Crable.
4-33 (#132 overall)    DE Shawn Crable - Michigan They need to come away with another defensive end for their rotation and if they don't nab Crable earlier in the round they may take him here if he's still available.
5-12 (#147 overall)    CB Tyvon Branch - Connecticut The Bills could take a corner here even if they take one earlier. Another choice here could be outside linebacker Jordon Dizon of Colorado.
6-13 (#179 overall)    OT Kirk Barton - Ohio St. The Bills need to start building some depth at the tackle position and someone from talent rich Ohio State would be nice at this spot. If he's gone other possibilities include Tyler Polumbus of Colorado and Geoff Schwartz of Oregon.
7-12 (#219 overall)    QB Anthony Morelli - Penn St. A quarterback is a possibility especially if they trade Losman. Other choices here are Washington State's Alex Brink and Stanford's T.C. Ostrander.
7-17 (#224 overall)    OT Demetris Bell - Northwestern The Bills could take a tackle here if they don't take one earlier or if that's the best player available at the time.
7-44 (#251 overall)    C Jamey Richard - Buffalo With one of the last pick's in the draft the team can stay close to home and get a center that they can groom.

* From Dallas in a proposed trade that would swap 1st round picks and give the Bills an extra third next year.

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