Bills Daily 2004 Mock Draft

For the fifth year in a row, Bills Daily tries to predict who the Bills will draft. Bills Daily draft guru Bob Wensley takes a stab at it. If you want to do more research check our draft links.

The Bills are scheduled to pick 13th in the first round of the NFL Draft and from 11th-13th in subsequent rounds. The only exceptions at this time is that they don't have a sixth round pick thanks to the trade for Mark Campbell and they have an extra seventh round pick, the sixth pick in the round, from Detroit for the Olandis Gary trade. Tom Donahoe always has a tendency to trade down and he may do so here to get more than the seven picks the club has. For our mock draft, we are assuming the Bills will make the pick in the first round and all other rounds. The Bills weren't given any compensatory picks for the second year in a row. Bob gives us who he thinks the Bills will pick and possibilities if the player he projects is already gone. Please e-mail us with your comments on Bob's projections.
(Last Updated on April 7, 2004)

1-13 ( #13 overall)   DE Will Smith - Ohio State The name “Smith’ looks good on the back of a Bills Defensive End’s Jersey. If Smith is already gone by the time the Bills pick, how about DE Kenechi Udeze, WR’s Roy or Reggie Williams, or QB Philip Rivers. One of those guys will be available at 13; any of them would help the Bills.
2-11 ( #43 overall)    WR Michael Jenkins - Ohio State Assuming we get one of the DE’s in round 1 and Jenkins is still on the board he could step in and start opposite Moulds, allowing Josh Reed to move to the slot with Shaw providing depth as the 4th receiver. If Jenkins is gone the Bills can look at Matt Schaub as the QB of the future.
3-11 ( #74 overall)    TE Jason Peters - Arkansas A 330 pound blocking tight end should open up some hole to run the ball. If Peters is gone we could try John Navarre as our QB of the future.
4-13 (#109 overall)    FB Mike Karney - Arizona State A classic blocking fullback to replace Sam Gash. If Karney is gone maybe FB Travis Wilson from Kansas State.
5-12 (#144 overall)    DT Junior Siavii - Oregon Some depth for the defensive line to give Pat Williams and Sam Adams a break. Tim Anderson of Ohio State could be a second choice if Siavii is off the board.
7-6 (#207 overall)    WR/KR Derek Abney - Kentucky Some competition for Antonio Brown on punt and kick off returns. If Abney is gone maybe WR Drew Carter from Ohio State.
7-13 (#214 overall)    CB Shawntae Spencer - Pittsburgh Depth for the future, practice squad in 2004. Another QB who might be worth a look is Craig Krenzel.

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