Things To Do On The Bye Week
Time to do all sorts of things.
by Tony Bogyo
November 4, 2003

When the 2003 NFL schedule came out months ago we all circled Week 9. Sunday, November 2, 2003 would be a day without Bills football. A day to reacquaint yourself with the joys of yards work, home repair, shopping or even family members you may have forgotten about for the past 8 weeks (I barely recognized my wife – she looks different than when I last saw her in September).

Maybe it’s a good thing that a team like the Bills, struggling to find their identity as a team, had some time to reflect upon the first half of the season and figure out how to come out strong down the stretch. It was also a good thing for anyone who knows or cares about obsessive Bills fans – this would be a week without yelling, swearing, throwing things at the TV and drinking heavily. Indeed, some of us would even venture out from the TV den to discover that the entire world does not stop on a Sunday (unless you’re in New Jersey – then everything does shut down on Sunday).

The bye week certainly is not a good thing to rabid Bills fans. For good or for bad, watching the Bills on Sunday afternoon has become a drug for many of us, and this week were without our fix. They may not always win, but Bills football is the nectar of life itself (wow – I’m actually scaring myself now – what kind of junkie makes a crazy statement like that? You know who you are).

I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of things you can do to help pass the time until the Bills take the field again. My lawyers have advised me to make the following disclaimers before I give my suggestions:

“The following list contains items that may be illegal, immoral or just plain crazy. The author assumes no liability for the actions of his readers. The views expressed in this document do not express the thoughts of any rational person. Follow the suggestions of others at your own risk. Bills Daily, its owner and employees assume no responsibility for any acts committed as a result to this article. This article not valid in AK, HI, NE or RI. No purchase necessary. Smoking may cause disease. Professional driver on closed course – do not attempt. Offer valid only at participating stores. May cause abdominal distension. Do not take if being tread with MAOIs. Void where prohibited.”