Week 13: Bills Put Forth Dismal Prime Time Showing
Bills offense stymied in 19-13 loss to Jets in Toronto
by Ahmed Dhorajiwala
December 5, 2009

Well, Bills fans, how many times have we seen this before? Buffalo gets a national TV game, and lays out a clunker yet again. I donít even think mentioning, the last three Monday night games is worthwhile, because it will bring back painful memories. This was the perfect opportunity to impress any potential A list head coaching candidate out there, and the Bills failed to do that in a 19-13 loss in Toronto. The game started off in a very positive fashion when on the Bills first drive, Ryan Fitzpatrick converted a third down by throwing a nice looking 38 yard pass completion to Lee Evans to the Jets 37 yard line. That play help set up a Rian Lindell 49 yard field goal to put the Bills up 3-0.

Both teams would then alternate possessions that went 3 and out before the Jets responded on their second possession. On first down, they called a reverse play to Brad Smith who took the ball for a 21 yard gain to the Jets 45 yard line. On the next play Mark Sanchez found Jerricho Cotchery for a 12 yard pickup to the Bills 43 yard line. The Jets moved into the red zone on a couple of Thomas Jones runs, and a run for 19 yards by Tony Richardson. The Bills sacked the Jets on a third down play to force New York to settle for a 38 yard field goal by Jay Feely to tie the game 3-3. The offensive line protection was not there for the Bills early in the game. Buffalo received a huge scare when Fitzpatrick fumbled the ball but the play was challenged, and ruled incomplete. The Bills had another scare but escaped when Sanchez threw to a wide open Braylon Edwards on a first down play, and he dropped the pass. The play probably would have resulted in a touchdown as Edwards had the Bills secondary beat badly.

When Buffalo got the ball back going into the second quarter, Fitzpatrick was hit by David Harris, and lost the football. The recovery was made by the Jets Bryan Thomas, and he took the ball to the Bills 36 yard line on a 7 yard return. The Jets only settled for a Feely 49 yard field goal, as Sanchez could not connect with Edwards on third down. The Bills responded on the next drive by unleashing Marshawn Lynch on the Jets. Lynch took the ball on first down for a 5 yard carry. Fitzpatrick found Terrell Owens open for a six yard pickup, and hit Lynch on the next play for a 4 yard gain. Then on second down Lynch took the carry, and found a hole off the left side running for a big 35 yard gain. Lynch was given the ball again, and took it in for a nice looking 15 yard touchdown to put Buffalo up 10-6. This was the Lynch everyone has been use to him. He was running with power.

The Jets responded on the next drive getting a Jay Feely 31 yard field goal to cut the lead 10-9. The key plays on this drive included a Sanchez pass completion to Edwards for 27 yards. Jones had 4 carries for 32 yards on the drive. After the Bills were forced to punt, the Jets came back and drove the ball right down the field. Sanchez found Cotchery open for a 45 yard pickup on third down. One play later he hit Edwards for a 13 yard touchdown pass. The play was originally ruled down at the one yard line, Rex Ryan challenged, and it was reversed. The Jets went into halftime with a 16-10 lead.

Mark Sanchez got injured in the third quarter on a running play where he failed to slide at the end. The Jets brought in Kellen Clemens for the rest of the game. He responded by completing a huge pass near the end of the third quarter for 14 yards to Cotchery to help set up a Feely 37 yard field goal.

The Jets were up 19-10, and the Bills could not get anything going offensively due to poor blocking, and receivers being covered all night long. After the Jets punted the ball away, the Bills did get things moving a bit. Fitzpatrick hit Owens for a 15 yard gain to take the ball to the Jets 35 yard line. One play later Fitzpatrick hit Owens again for a 10 yard pickup. Fred Jackson gained 13 yards on the next play to the Jets 12. After an incompletion on third down, Lindell came on to hit a 32 yard field goal to cut the lead 19-13. The Buffalo defense forced a Jets punt, and the Bills got the ball back with two and a half minutes left in the game and a chance to pull out a win.

That would not happen though. On first down Shaun Ellis sacked Fitzpatrick for a 10 yard loss. Then on second down, Fitzpatrick got away from the rush, and threw a long pass to Owens that was intercepted by Darrelle Revis to end the Bills chances of a comeback. Revis had done a magnificent job of covering Owens all game long, as he is proving to be one of the best corners in the league. The Bills lost 19-13 in another embarrassing performance for the offense.

Unfortunately all the momentum from the Miami win was lost, as these Bills looked like the Bills we have seen all year. Buffalo will have to find a way to regroup for next Sundayís match up at Arrowhead stadium against the Kansas City Chiefs.