Why Greg Williams Should Be Fired
Reasons why the coach needs to go now
by Douglas Noworyta
November 24, 2003

Greg Williams has shown his inability to provide a winning team since being with Buffalo. He does not have the guts to fire his Offensive Coordinator after questionable play calling in the past four games. This has led the Bills to not producing much offense and sent them spiraling to a 4-7 record. So, what will it take for Greg Williams to be fired along with his buddy Kevin Gilbride? Havenít the fans suffered enough from the mistakes of these two dummies! It is time from Tom Donahoe to grow show balls and admit he made a mistake with Greg Williams.

I hope Greg Williams has his house on the market because his pink slip is on its way. Greg Williams has showed that he doesnít have the skills needed to be a great head coach. He canít even fire his offensive coordinator because he doesnít have the grapefruits to fire a friend and business associate. The fans deserve a coach that will take them to the promise land but of course Donahoe will mess it up some how.

I left the Harp in Boston with hope of a new coach for next week along with a new offensive coordinator. This probably will not happen and I will have to suffer the rest of the season with those two losers Greg and Kevin. So, Santa isnít coming early this year Bills fans.